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What is the Blessed Peace Foundation?

The Blessed Peace Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-denominational Christian organization based in Kenya, East Africa. Our goal is to work with and through the Local Church on matters of Religious Freedom and Integral Missions.

Religious Freedom: BPF facilitates trainings, seminars and mentorship for the church and Christian communities towards religious transformation. We contact open air meetings, interdenominational workshops, VBS, Sports activities and seminars with the church and through the church.

Integral Missions: BPF engages innovative programs focused on eradicating poverty, ignorance and disease by educating, caring and empowering orphans, vulnerable youth and widows within their Christian communities. A BPF children’s village in Machakos is a rescue center that provides alternative care for homeless children.

The Blessed Peace Foundation (BPF) began in 2007 with a widows’ project and a program to educate vulnerable children who had dropped out of school for lack of funds. Today the BPF facilitates fellowships for widows, provides care and education for 161 vulnerable children in the Eastern province of Kenya, and provides relief and education for the church on matters of religious freedom. The BPF also runs a children’s rescue centre in Machakos, Kenya called the Blessed Peace Children’s Village.

If you would like to meet some of the children in BPF's Children's Village, we invite you to view this short video: